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happiness  -  hap-pi-ness  noun   ('hă – pē – nəs )  1. a state of well-being and contentment,  2.  a pleasurable or satisfying experience . 

We all realize that life is short and it’s okay to do what makes us happy.  Toni Busch, creator and founder of Dazzling Designs, keeps a happy balance in her life when designing and creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. She chooses and works with natural elements in all the items she makes. “I especially choose naturally occurring gems and semi-precious gems and stones like magnesite, lapis, agates, mother-of-pearl, flourite, all kinds of jasper and of course crystals, pearls and magnets.  These lend themselves beautifully to pieces that women everywhere can wear everyday.”  Toni also has other jewelry lines for special occasions, seashore -  inspired pieces, bride and bridesmaids pieces,  school spirit jewelry and color schemes for the changing seasons here in north Georgia. Come and shop The Lavender Cottage and Garden for these special hand-crafted works of art.

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